Seminars at IMBIM

For speakers, titles, etc., see IMBIM's calendar

Genomic seminars, Fridays at 10.15
Contact: Jennifer Meadows

IMBact seminars, Tuesdays at 13.15
Contact: Lionel Guy

IMBIM/ICM immunology seminars, Fridays at 15.15
Contact: Gunnar Pejler

Tumor biology seminars, Wednesdays at 12.15
Contact: Aris Moustakas

Virology seminars, Thursdays every second week (“odd weeks”) at 12.15 
Contact: Catharina Svensson and Åke Lundkvist

Zoonoses seminars
The purpose of the Zoonoses seminar series is to learn more about diseases transmissible from animals to humans. These seminars are run by the Zoonoses Science Centre at IMBIM. We work in close cooperation with “One Health Sweden” and by running these seminars, we hope to increase collaboration between molecular- and microbiologists, ecologists, clinicians and veterinarians. Upcoming seminars will be announced in IMBIM´s calendar and on the screens in Navet and BMC.
Contact: Åke Lundkvist

Last modified: 2023-12-20