Professor Emeriti - retired professors

Erik Fries - In and out of cells

With no particular career plan but with an interest in physics, I started my university studies in 1967 with mathematics followed by physics. However, the physics courses were not as interesting as I had hoped so I continued with general chemistry, physical chemistry and biochemistry... Full article

Paraskevi Heldin – my privileged life as scientist

My scientific life started in 1981, when I started as a graduate student in the laboratory of the eminent professor Lorentz Engström, at the Department of Medical and Physiological Chemistry, studying regulatory phosphorylation of proteins. After my dissertation in 1987, I started to work on hyaluronan biology, as a postdoctoral... Full article

Birgitta Heyman - 45 years of antibody feedback regulation

Antibodies can regulate the antibody response against the antigen they bind to. This phenomenon is called antibody feedback regulation and can be both positive, leading to more than 100-fold enhancement, or negative, resulting in almost complete suppression. My research has been aimed at understanding the molecular mechanisms behind... Läs hela artikeln

Ulf Lindahl - A personal voyage through the proteoglycan field

Proteoglycans (PGs) are proteins substituted with sulfated polysaccharide (glycosaminoglycan, GAG) chains. My selection of the PG research area occurred by sheer accident. During the course in medical biochemistry, part of the medical curriculum (1959, at the old department on Dag Hammarskjölds väg, opposite to the hospital)... Full article

Örjan Zetterqvist  - My scientific life

My scientific life began in 1961 at the Department of Medical Chemistry, with a PhD project that aimed at searching for protein‑bound phosphohistidine in mammalian tissues. This kind of histidine modification was unknown at that time, but a year later Paul D. Boyer et al. at the University of Minnesota reported the isolation of phosphohistidine from bovine liver mitochondria... Full article

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