Researchers at IMBIM are awarded a total of SEK 20 million in research grants from Cancerfonden


Cancerfonden´s research committee has decided to distribute SEK 732 million to 230 research projects. In total this year, there will be SEK 850 million for Swedish cancer research.

Göran Akusjärvi, SEK 2,500,000, over two years
Ingvar Ferby, SEK 1,200,000, over 2 years
Nils Landegren, SEK 2,400,000, over 3 years
Jin-ping Li, SEK 3,000,000, over 3 years
Aris Moustakas, SEK 4,500,000, over 3 years
Andor Pivarcsi, 2,400,000, over 3 years
Stefan schwartz, 3,750,000, over 3 years

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Last modified: 2023-02-15