New treatment inhibits brain tumor cell growth


Researchers from Uppsala University (IMBIM) in collaboration with researchers from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and São Paulo University (USP), Brazil, have identified two compounds capable of inhibiting the growth of glioblastoma cells, which cause malignant brain tumors.

The study published by Scientific Reports showed the compounds A5 (isoquinoline derivative) and C1 (aporphine derivative) modulating the expression of DNA damage and apoptotic markers, impairing 3D‐gliomasphere growth and reducing the expression of stemness markers. Furthermore, a stronger cytotoxicity on glioblastoma cells was induced by the combination of temozolomide (current chemotherapy against glioblastoma) with the compounds A5 or C1.

The study, however, is in the pre-clinical phase, and must still undergo in vivo validations.

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Last modified: 2023-02-15