The Departmental Board

You will find notices, minutes and appendices at Medarbetarportalen
Policy document

Ordinary members:
Per Jemth                         Chairman, Head of the Department
Anna-Karin Olsson           Teacher representative
Lionel Guy                        Teacher representative     
Mikael Sellin                     Teacher representative
Linus Sandegren              Teacher representative           
Malin Rask                        Representative for technical/administrative staff
Janina Krambrich              Graduate student representativet
Vacant                               Student representative 
Vacant                               Student representative           

Substitute members:
Dorothe Spillmann            Teacher representative 
Dan I Andersson               Teacher representative
Tanel Punga                      Teacher representative
Helen Wang                      Teacher representative
Åsa Karlsson                     Representative for technical/administrative staff    
Christopher von Beek       Graduate student representative

Substitute members replace ordinary members in their own category. The Board is the governing body for the entire Department.

For the period:
3 years, 2023-07-01 - 2026-06-30 for teachers och technical and administrative staff 1 year for students

Last modified: 2023-08-25