IMBIM documents

In this folder we collect different documents that can help you as a teacher, responsible course leader, supervisor for project students etc. We hope to make the life of handling different issues easier for both you and our administration.

Do you have suggestions or questions concerning the content of this homepage, please, just talk to either the director of studies or our administration.

Registration form, leaving IMBIM, IMBIM Handbook, report on business travel etc

PhD students:
Handbook for PhD students, forms important during your PhD-time, report documents etc

Policy documents:
The IMBIM board’s important decisions

Project supervisor and – students:
You will find information relevant for you as a supervisor and as a project student, respectively. Registration forms, follow-up form, instructions how to write report etc

Teachers/Teaching lab assistants:
List over courses with IMBIM responsibility (‘undervisningskarta’), current course lab instructions for assistants, instructions for different aspects of teaching