How to register a PhD student at IMBIM

Responsible for the PhD students:

Veronica Hammar Administrator of postgraduate education

Tanel Punga: Chairman of the PhD Committee at IMBIM

PhD recruitment and acceptance process

The whole process, from submitting a proposal to the IMBIM’s PhD Committee to the final acceptance of a PhD candidate by the Postgraduate Committee (KUF) at the Medical Faculty, takes approximately 2-3 months. It mainly depends on the schedule of the IMBIM Board and KUF Board meetings, which are held once per month.

The PhD student recruitment and acceptance process includes three steps. Step 1 will be carried out by the supervisor, step 2 by the supervisor and a PhD candidate and step 3 only by the PhD candidate.

Step 1: submission of a PhD candidate recruitment proposal, advertising and selection of the best-suited applicant.

Step 2: filling out the online E-form and evaluation of the E-form by the IMBIM Board

Step 3: final submission of the E-form to KUF AFTER approval from the IMBIM Board

Step 1: Submission of a PhD candidate recruitment proposal, advertising and selection of the best-suited applicant

1.1. The principal supervisor (PS) fill out the form (“Form for recruitment of new PhD student at IMBIM”, appendix 1). Requested information: the name of principal supervisor (PS), co-supervisor, funding to the principal supervisor, plan for financing the new PhD student, name of other PhD students supervised by the PS and the expected dates of their PhD defense(s). In addition, the PS should get the financial overview, showing the financial situation of the PS for the upcoming 4 years. This can be obtained from financial administrator Malin Rask. Finally, the PS should include a suggestion for an advertisement text for recruiting the new PhD student. Examples can be obtained from human resource manager Rehné Åkerblom, .

1.2. All 3 documents (”Form for recruitment of new PhD student at IMBIM”, financial overview and a PhD position advertisement) should be sent Dr. Tanel Punga. He will then discuss it with the 3 members of the IMBIM’s PhD Committee and sometimes with the Head of Department, Catharina Svensson.

1.3. After the proposal has been approved by the IMBIM PhD Committee, the PS will be notified and he/she should contact Rehné Åkerblom, who will register the proposal and arrange the advertising on Uppsala University’s website.

1.4. All the PhD candidate applications are submitted digitally to the Registrar at the University. The PS receives a permission to read the applications online.

1.5. The PS then selects one of the applicants and notifies only the selected student. The PS should also write a letter why this particular candidate was selected. This letter will be later submitted to the final PhD application (as an attachment in E-form). The PS should not inform the other candidates who were not selected, as they will be informed by Rehné Åkerblom after the formal decision by the Medical Faculty.

Step 2: Filling out the online E-form and the IMBIM Board evaluation

2.1. The PhD candidate is strongly recommended to contact Tanel Punga about how to fill out the online application and what kind of extra documents are needed. In addition, the PS will help to find co-supervisors, examiner and assist the candidate with writing the research plan.

2.2 The online application form is available at Medical Faculty´s web page 

2.3. Save the e-form as a PDF file (PLEASE DO NOT press the “submit” button!) and send it to Tanel Punga, who will further present the application at the IMBIM Board meeting.

SUPER IMPORTANT: The E-form SHOULD NOT be submitted electronically until the IMBIM Board has approved the application! Changes required cannot be added after the form has been submitted to the KUF at the Medical Faculty.

2.4. When the application has been approved by the IMBIM board, the PhD candidate and the supervisor will be informed by Tanel Punga. If needed the PhD candidate should make changes to the application.

Step 3: Final submission of the E-form to KUF AFTER approval from the IMBIM Board

3.1. ONLY AFTER approval by the IMBIM Board (and potential changes made to the application), the PhD candidate should submit the final E-form to KUF by pressing the “submit” button.

3.2 The submitted E-form will thereafter be electronically approved by the Head of the Department and after that it will finally end up at the KUF office.

3.3. Following an affirmative decision of the KUF, IMBIM will arrange the PhD student’s employment.

Tips on how to fill out the E-form

1. Supervisors and applicants complete the 'Application for admission to postgraduate studies' together.

Our subject is Medical Science.

At Funding you normally (i. e., when the PhD student will be financed via IMBIM/grants to the supervisor) write/choose the following:

Year 1:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)

Year 2:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)

Year 3:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)

Year 4:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)

Year 5:   Doctoral fellow 100% (up to 10 months)

2. Make sure to specify the financing, who will be the supervisor, co-supervisor, examiner, mandatory courses, other courses, literature studies, etc. NB! Extra attention should be paid on what courses and how many of the courses the PhD student will take part in.

3. Arrange your BSc and MSc diplomas. They have to be official documents, signed by the responsible person and sealed.

4. There is an English language requirement at the Medical Faculty. In most cases it means that the PhD candidate has to submit the results of an English language proficiency test (e.g., TOEFL). However, there are some exceptions to this rule as well. So, make sure (i.e., contact Tanel Punga) if you need to take the test or not.

5. Sign the forms "Commitments of the Graduate Student at IMBIM" and "Commitments of the Medical Faculty" (at the end of this document).  NB! Make sure to get all of the necessary signatures for these papers!

6. The supervisor's letter explaining the grounds of election of the student in question should be attached to the application (can be kept short and informal). This is the same letter as mentioned in step 1, point 5.

7. Supervisors with temporary employments are recommended to provide a CV specifying their positions, publications and grants.

8. Following the decision of the Postgraduate Committee at the Medical Faculty, Rehné Åkerblom will arrange for the employment.



Name of Supervisor:

Name of Co-supervisor(s):

Funding (amount and time period):

Existing PhD Students with the same main supervisor (name and estimated year of defence):                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Please enclose:

  1. financial overview for the next 4 years
  2. a suggestion for the PhD position advertisement

Commitments of Graduate Students at IMBIM

The graduate (Ph.D. or M.Sci.) student should devote her-/himself full-time to the studies, without any side-line occupations that might preclude completion of the training within the stipulated time. All mandatory courses as well as courses recommended by the supervisor should be followed and duly completed. Recommended seminar series should be attended. Prescribed literature should be studied and, whenever applicable, appropriately examined. The research plan agreed upon, including any necessary adjustments, should be pursued. The supervisor should be kept continually informed about the progress of the project, and especially about any unforeseen development or problems.

Research notes should be carefully entered into bound laboratory records, with proper reference to data stored in maps, data-files or in other formats. All cell lines, hybridomas, DNA clones, sequences, transgenic organisms etc. developed during the course of the graduate studies should be deposited in a proper way together with sufficient information to allow the experiments to be repeated. All primary data should be left at the department after completion of the studies. When leaving the department after graduation, the students have the right to bring copies of their lab notebooks, data-files etc. with them. Due consideration should be given to the protection of any immaterial rights involved. The interest of the graduate student in such cases should be recognized as appropriate.

Ph.D. students should fulfill the requirements of the "half-time check", in accordance with the guidelines given on the homepage of the Medical Faculty.

The graduate student should carry out teaching duties, corresponding to up to 20% of the total study period, and other tasks ("institutionsarbete") requested by the Head and/or Board of the Department.

Any major disagreements between the graduate student and the supervisor concerning the research plan, the supervision or other conditions of importance to the successful completion of the studies should be conveyed in writing to the examiner, who acts and decides on these issues on behalf of IMBIM. The examiner has the right and duty to review the progress of the graduate studies at any time interval he/she deems appropriate, but at least once a year. Failure or inability of the student to show adequate progress in the studies, or else to comply with the obligations outlined above, may lead the Head of the department to propose that the Medical Faculty terminate these studies. Appeal against such a decision should be directed to the Medical Faculty.


…………………………………………..                  ……………………………….

PhD Student                                                               Supervisor

Commitments of the Medical Faculty

IMBIM will guarantee personal economic support for the Ph.D student by a PhD position employment for a maximum of 4 years full time work.

Demands by the department on the graduate student to participate for a least 20% of the total study period, in teaching or to carry out other general tasks during the employment, will be compensated at the last year by 10 months prolongation of the position, all depending upon the need and capacity of the department to engage the Ph.D. student in such activities.

Following examination the graduate student will receive a certificate defining his/her involvement in undergraduate teaching. This certificate will be based on records kept by the graduate student and attested by the senior teacher in charge (studierektor).

The department guarantees active supervision throughout the study period. The progress of the Ph.D. student will be continuously assessed by the examiner allotted to the Ph.D. student by the department. It is the duty of the supervisor to immediately report to the examiner any essential problems arising which the graduate student and the supervisor cannot easily settle themselves, and that might jeopardize the possibilities to complete the studies within the prescribed 4-year net study time.

In case the graduate student is dissatisfied with the supervision provided, she/he should notify the examiner in writing and give the reasons for the complaint. If the examiner is unable to find a working agreement between the student and the supervisor, an assistant supervisor should be engaged; alternatively, the main supervisor should be replaced. The graduate student has access to scientific advice from all teachers of the department, regardless of whether they are engaged in the project or not.

The Medical Faculty guarantees admission to the mandatory Ph.D. courses during years 1 and 2. IMBIM provides seminar series for training in scientific presentation and discussion.

The department guarantees access to laboratory and office space, access to computers   and other equipment of the department necessary for the project. Necessary and appropriate costs for consumables will be covered by the supervisor.

The supervisor, the graduate student and the Head of the department agree upon the conditions specified above.

Date: ..........................................................................................

Supervisor                Ph.D. student                     Head of department