Master´s Programme in Medical Research

The Master’s Programme in Medical Research aims to establish opportunities for students with a multidisciplinary approach in current day medical research. The programme gathers students with academic backgrounds in medicine, biology, pharmacy and chemistry, and encourages them to develop versatile skills as well as to create a professional network providing future opportunities in both academia and private or governmental sector. The education aims to bridge the gap between medical, biological and computational research areas and to promote critical thinking.

About the programme
During the first year of studies, the students are offered courses that contribute with knowledge in genetics and genomics, cellular processes from genes to expressed proteins, cell-signalling and tumour development as well as bioinformatics. The students are trained in advanced molecular techniques and bioinformatic analysis of large data sets in order to develop their ability to perform and independently plan experiments, critically evaluate and interpret scientific results as well as orienteer in the ethical aspects of biomedical research.

The second year of studies consists of individual research projects where students are supervised by established researchers and participate in research group activities in a similar manner as PhD students. Research groups and projects, that can be performed at universities in Sweden or abroad, biomedical companies or governmental agencies, are chosen by students themselves. Additionally, student’s abilities to analyse and present data are further developed via compiling a review article and a Master’s thesis along with presentations of own and assessment of other students’ research projects.

Last modified: 2021-05-17