Mentor Program-iMPACToR

The disciplinary domain of Medicine and Pharmacy launches iMPACToR 2023/2024, a mentor program to support young researchers in their academic development through a personal mentor, network program and a seminar series. The program has run since 2019 with 100 participants.

The Mentor program will focus on researchers at the earlier phases of the career (postdoc, researchers, BUL), before holding a position as tenured academic teaching position (before senior lecturer). The call is aimed at researchers who are either new group leaders/PIs, those who have started to establish their own research profile but are not yet established PIs and those postdocs who are considering an academic career.

The number of participants will be limited to 30-35 participants, and the selection will be based on motivation and merits. Mentors and mentees will be from different departments.

The program will start on Monday October 16th 2023, 10 am to 12, with a Kick-off meeting. It will consist of:

·      Individual meetings between mentees and their mentors,
·      Approximately 9 seminars, organized by iMPACToR, on several subjects followed by group discussion. Topics that will be covered are, university structure, leadership and coaching, grant writing, docentur, work-life balance, equal opportunities, and other aspects of how to build your academic career. Preliminary program.

Laia Caja Puigsubira, iMPACToR Coordinator

Last modified: 2023-12-20