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General information and rules about your PhD studies can be found at the Medical Faculty

Credit application forms and report card

Each PhD student should have one IMBIM seminar report card (SRC) where (s)he writes the seminar date, seminar type and presenter. The SRC has to be countersigned by a senior IMBIM researcher (e.g., Professor, group leader, Postdoc), who has participated at the same seminar. The SRC can also be countersigned by non-IMBIM senior researcher. In this case the person has to write his/her Email address. Before handing in the SRC to PhD study administrator Veronica Hammar, it has to be signed by the examiner.

Credits for non-obligatory courses, literature studies and conferences will be reported on Credit Application Forms (CAF)
CAF#1 is for reporting conferences (you have to include a copy of the conference front page and a copy from the abstract book with your abstract indicated) 
CAF#2 is for reporting courses (you have to Include a copy of the course certificate)
CAF#3 is for reporting literature studies.
The CAFs has to be signed by the main supervisor and examiner.

The PhD student keeps the SRC and CAFs during the semester. It is the PhD student’s responsibility to submit the SRC and CAFs to Veronica Hammar for reporting the credits in the LaDok system AT THE END OF EACH SEMESTER (January and June).

Forms and instructions can be found at here

Last modified: 2022-08-05