Dissertations at IMBIM

  • Kolliopoulos, Constantinos

    Role of TGFβ-induced hyaluronan-CD44 signaling in cancer progression

    Open access
  • Laursen, Louise

    Exploring the Role of the PDZ Domain in a Supramodule

    Open access
  • Tzavlaki, Kalliopi

    Regulation of cell differentiation and invasion by members of the TGFß family

    Open access
  • Naboulsi, Rakan

    Animal genomics – gene discovery and gene characterization

    Open access
  • Abdalaal, Hind

    Deciphering molecular mechanisms in the evolution of new functions

    Open access
  • Han, Fan

    Genetic Adaptation and Speciation in Darwin’s Finches and Atlantic Herring

    Open access
  • Paivandy, Aida

    Induction of Mast Cell Apoptosis via Granule Permeabilization: A Novel Approach to Target Mast Cells

    Open access
  • Sakthikumar, Sharadha

    Characterizing the spectrum of somatic alterations in canine and human cancers

    Open access
  • Eriksson, Per

    Avian Influenza Virus: Deciphering receptor interactions and their role in interspecies transmission

    Open access
  • Nordin, Jessika

    Human leukocyte antigen in sickness and in health: Ankylosing spondylitis and HLA in Sweden

    Open access
  • Rajer, Fredrika

    Multi-Resistance Plasmids: Fitness Costs, Dynamics and Evolution

    Open access
  • Mathioudaki, Argyri

    Complex disease genetics: Utilising targeted sequencing and homogeneous ancestry

    Open access
  • Mun, Kwangchol

    Human adenovirus – host cell interplay: The role of the cellular zinc finger proteins and mitochondrial DNA

    Open access
  • Salomonsson, Maya

    New Aspects of Mast Cell Progenitors in Health and Disease

    Open access
  • Tsioumpekou, Maria

    Studies of PDGF receptor signaling in vitro and in vivo

    Open access
  • Saez-Ibañez, Ana Rosa

    Novel roles of ErbB3 receptor tyrosine kinase in vesicular trafficking

    Open access
  • Gupta, Deepesh Kumar

    Adhesion-dependent mechanisms regulating mitosis

    Open access
  • Song, Tianyi

    Understanding Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis and Functional Implications of Heparanase

    Open access
  • Batool, Tahira

    Heparan sulfate dependent cell signaling and associated pathophysiology: Implications in tumorigenesis and embryogenesis

    Open access
  • Lundin, Erik

    Evolution of New Genes and Functions

    Open access
  • Garoff, Linnéa

    Exploring the Ciprofloxacin Resistome

    Open access
  • Albrecht, Lisa M.

    Antibiotic Resistance: Selection in the Presence of Metals and Antimicrobials

    Open access
  • Knopp, Michael

    Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance Evolution

    Open access
  • Pilia, Giulia

    Novel Roles of the Ack1 Kinase in Epithelial Biology

    Open access
  • Megquier, Kate

    Analysis of inherited and somatic variants to decipher canine complex traits

    Open access
  • Zan, Yanjun

    Understanding the genetic basis of complex traits

    Open access
  • Åberg, Emma

    Evolution of Interactions Involving Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

    Open access
  • Shahidi Dadras, Mahsa

    Regulation of cell polarity and invasion by TGF-β and BMP signaling

    Open access
  • Bellomo, Claudia

    TGFβ and LXR signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma

    Open access
  • Maturi, Varun

    Gene regulation by different proteins of TGFβ superfamily

    Open access
  • Garmendia, Eva

    A Unified Multitude: Experimental Studies of Bacterial Chromosome Organization

    Open access
  • Thulin, Elisabeth

    Mechanisms and Dynamics of Mecillinam Resistance in Escherichia coli

    Open access
  • Singh, Kailash

    Regulatory T cells in type 1 diabetes: the role of IL-35 in counteracting the disease

    Open access
  • Younis, Shady

    Functional characterization of the biological significance of the ZBED6/ZC3H11A locus in placental mammals

    Open access
  • Inturi, Raviteja

    Functional characterization of the human adenovirus pVII protein and non-coding VA RNAI

    Open access
  • Praski Alzrigat, Lisa

    Constraints on up-regulation of drug efflux in the evolution of ciprofloxacin resistance

    Open access
  • Bianchi, Matteo

    Genetic Studies of Immunological Diseases in Dogs and Humans

    Open access
  • Bergström, Joakim

    A Search for the Masked Mechanism Behind IgG-Mediated Suppression of Antibody Responses

    Open access
  • Zhang, Lu

    IgG3 Complements IgM in the Complement-Mediated Regulation of Immune Responses

    Open access
  • Digre, Andreas

    Implications of Heparan Sulfate and Heparanase in Inflammatory Diseases

    Open access
  • Rafati, Nima

    Exploring genetic diversity in natural and domestic populations through next generation sequencing

    Open access
  • Karlsson, Andreas

    Characterization and Engineering of Protein-Protein Interactions Involving PDZ Domains

    Open access
  • Forsberg, Simon

    Complex Trait Genetics: Beyond Additivity

    Open access
  • Knöppel, Anna

    Experimental Evolution: and Fitness Effects of Mutations

    Open access
  • Zhang, Yanyu

    Platelets – Multifaceted players in tumor progression and vascular function

    Open access
  • Zarnegar, Behdad

    Mechanisms triggering the recruitment of mast cell progenitors to the lung and regulation of mast cell degranulation

    Open access
  • Xu, Hui

    Modulation of B cell access to antigen by passively administered antibodies: an explanation for antibody feedback regulation?

    Open access
  • Lofton Tomenius, Hava

    Mechanisms and Biological Costs of Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides

    Open access
  • Kamel, Wael

    Adenoviral small non-coding RNAs: A Structural and Functional Charaterization

    Open access
  • Brandis, Gerrit

    Biased Evolution: Causes and Consequences

    Open access
  • Lamichhaney, Sangeet

    The genetic basis for adaptation in natural populations

    Open access
  • Lan, Susan

    The Multifunctional Nature of the Adenovirus L4-22K Protein

    Open access
  • Namburi, Ramesh Babu

    Brittlestars Galactosaminoglycans and Tools to Study their Structure

    Open access
  • Pietsch, Franziska

    Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance

    Open access
  • Filipek-Górniok, Beata

    Glycosaminoglycan Biosynthesis in Zebrafish

    Open access
  • Sörman, Anna

    IgM and Complement in Regulation of Antibody Responses

    Open access
  • Tengvall, Katarina

    Genetic Studies in Dogs Implicate Novel Genes Involved in Atopic Dermatitis and IgA Deficiency

    Open access
  • Imsland, Freyja

    Monogenic Traits Associated with Structural Variants in Chicken and Horse: Allelic and Phenotypic Diversity of Visually Appealing Traits

    Open access
  • Linkevičius, Marius

    Evolution and Mechanisms of Tigecycline Resistance in Escherichia coli

    Open access
  • Pijuan Galitó, Sara

    Novel Culture Strategies and Signal Transduction Pathways of Pluripotent Stem Cells

    Open access
  • Östberg, Sara

    Functional Characterization of the Evolutionarily Conserved Adenoviral Proteins L4-22K and L4-33K

    Open access
  • Ding, Zhoujie

    Feedback Enhancement of Immune Responses by IgE, IgM, and IgG3 Antibodies

    Open access
  • Gullberg, Erik

    Selection of Resistance at very low Antibiotic Concentrations

    Open access
  • Bergman, Jessica M.

    Genetics and Growth Regulation in Salmonella enterica

    Open access
  • Berglund, Jonas

    Meiotic Recombination in Human and Dog: Targets, Consequences and Implications for Genome Evolution

    Open access
  • Enweji, Nizar

    Dynamics of Resistant Plasmodium falciparum Parasites

    Open access
  • Femel, Julia

    Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines Targeting Molecules Associated with Tumor Angiogenesis

    Open access
  • Adler, Marlen

    Mechanisms and Dynamics of Carbapenem Resistance in Escherichia coli

    Open access
  • Reyhani, Vahid

    Extracellular Matrix and Actin Cytoskeleton - the Control Unit of Interstitial Fluid Volume

    Open access
  • Heldin, Johan

    Identification and Characterization of Proteins and MicroRNAs that Modulate Receptor Signaling, Vesicular Trafficking and Cell Migration in Vascular Cells

    Open access
  • Ratnakumar, Abhirami

    Detecting Signatures of Selection within the Dog Genome

    Open access
  • Dahlin, Joakim

    Mast Cell Progenitor Trafficking in Allergic Airway Inflammation

    Open access
  • Eriksson, Anna S.

    Syndecan - Regulation and Function of its Glycosaminoglycan Chains

    Open access
  • Fredlund Fuchs, Peder

    Myofibroblasts and the Vascular Endothelium: Impact of Fibrin Degradation Products and miRNA on Vascular Motility and Function

    Open access
  • Riaz, Anjum

    Adhesion Dependent Signals: Cell Survival, Receptor Crosstalk and Mechanostimulation

    Open access
  • Jiang, Lin

    Functional Studies of Genes Associated with Muscle Growth in Pigs and Hair Greying in Horses

    Open access
  • Olsson, Mia

    Uncovering a Novel Pathway for Autoinflammation: With a Little Help from a Wrinkled Friend

    Open access
  • Ramachandra, Rashmi

    Galactosaminoglycans - Role in Brittlestar Limb Regeneration

    Open access
  • Roy, Ananya

    Mast Cells as Sentinels: Role of serglycin and mast cell proteases in infection and inflammation

    Open access
  • Nordberg, Niklas

    Studies of Budding Yeast Transcription Factors Acting Downstream of Nutrient Signaling Pathways

    Open access
  • Sun, Song

    Dynamics and Mechanisms of Adaptive Evolution in Bacteria

    Open access
  • Beckman Sundh, Ulla

    Studies on Phosphohistidine Phosphatase 1: What? Where? Why?

    Open access
  • Huijbers, Elisabeth J. M

    Development of a Cancer Vaccine Targeting Tumor Blood Vessels

    Open access
  • Zeller, Kathrin Stephanie

    Integrin Signaling in Cell Adhesion and Mechanotransduction: Regulation of PI3K, AKT, and ROS

    Open access
  • Tranell, Anna

    Regulation of HIV-1 mRNA Processing by Cellular Splicing Factors

    Open access
  • Noborn, Fredrik

    Heparan Sulfate Dependent Mechanisms of Amyloidosis

    Open access
  • Eriksson, Jonas

    Genetic and Genomic Studies in Chicken: Assigning Function to Vertebrate Genes

    Open access
  • Haq, Syed Raza ul

    Molecular Mechanisms of Folding and Binding in PDZ Domains

    Open access
  • Rutemark, Christian

    The Role of IgM and Complement in Antibody Responses

    Open access
  • Törmänen Persson, Heidi

    The Adenovirus L4-33K Protein: A Key Regulator of Virus-specific Alternative Splicing

    Open access
  • Kristell, Carolina

    Chromatin Dynamics in the Fission Yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe

    Open access
  • Somberg, Monika

    Cellular and Viral Factors that Control Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Late Gene Expression

    Open access
  • Tobin, Christina

    Removal and Replacement of Ribosomal Proteins: Effects on Bacterial Fitness and Ribosome Function

    Open access
  • Kheir, Amany

    Factors Influencing Evolution to Antimalarial Drug Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in Sudan and The Gambia

    Open access
  • Barkefors, Irmeli

    Directing Angiogenesis: Cellular Responses to Gradients in vitro

    Open access
  • Hjertström, Elina

    Roles of Heparan Sulfate in Amyloid-β Pathology and Hypoxia

    Open access
  • Friman, Tomas

    Extracellular Matrix and Connective Tissue Cells of the Tumor Microenvironment

    Open access
  • Lind, Peter A

    Evolutionary Dynamics of Mutation and Gene Transfer in Bacteria

    Open access
  • Karén, Jakob

    The Role of Microvascular Pericytes in the Generation of Pro-fibrotic Connective Tissue Cells: Investigations in vitro and in Reactive Tissues in vivo

    Open access
  • Sun, Wei

    A New Look into Protein C Inhibitor: Posttranslational Modifications and their Functions

    Open access
  • Pränting, Maria

    Bacterial Resistance to Antimicrobial Peptides: Rates, Mechanisms and Fitness Effects

    Open access
  • Chi, Celestine

    Post-synaptic Density Disc Large Zo-1 (PDZ) Domains: From Folding and Binding to Drug Targeting

    Open access
  • Dagälv, Anders

    Role of Heparan Sulfate N-sulfation in Mouse Embryonic Development

    Open access
  • Zorzet, Anna

    Mechanisms of Adaptation to Deformylase Inhibitors

    Open access
  • Rodriguez, Alejandro

    Studies of Stroma Formation and Regulation in Human Pathological Conditions and in Experimental in vivo Models

    Open access
  • Petersson, Ludvig

    The Roles of Growth Factor Interactions and Mechanical Tension in Angiogenesis

    Open access
  • Koskiniemi, Sanna

    Dynamics of the Bacterial Genome: Rates and Mechanisms of Mutation

    Open access
  • Thulin, Åsa

    The Role of Histidine-rich Glycoprotein in Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth

    Open access
  • Larsson, Jimmy

    Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells: Cellular Responses to Known and Novel Factors

    Open access
  • Wallenquist, Ulrika

    Neural Stem and Progenitor Cells as a Tool for Tissue Regeneration

    Open access
  • Nilsson, Anders

    Studies of the Carbon and Energy Metabolism in the Moss Physcomitrella patens

    Open access
  • Zody, Michael C.

    Investigation of Mechanics of Mutation and Selection by Comparative Sequencing

    Open access
  • Alfredsson Timmins, Jenny

    Functional organisation of the cell nucleus in the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe

    Open access
  • Jia, Juan

    Structure and functions of heparan sulfate/heparin – Importance of glucuronyl C5-epimerase and heparanase

    Open access
  • van Wieringen, Tijs

    Intra- and Extracellular Modulation of Integrin-directed Connective Tissue Cell Contraction

    Open access
  • Backström, Ellenor

    Regulation of Adenoviral Gene Expression by the L4-33K and L4-22K Proteins

    Open access
  • Gunnarsson, Ulrika

    Genetic Studies of Pigmentation in Chicken

    Open access
  • Ma, Qing

    Structural and Functional Studies of Gelsolin Family Proteins

    Open access
  • Chumnarnsilpa, Sakesit

    The Structural Basis of the Control of Actin Dynamics by the Gelsolin Superfamily Proteins

    Open access
  • Markljung, Ellen

    QTL Analysis in the Pig: From the Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci to the Understanding of Molecular Mechanisms

    Open access
  • Wahlberg, Per

    Chicken Genomics - Linkage and QTL mapping

    Open access
  • Xu, Ning

    Adenoviral Control of RNAi/miRNA Pathways in Human Cells

    Open access
  • Carlsson, Pernilla

    Cellular design of heparan sulfate: The NDST enzymes and their regulation

    Open access
  • Valsecchi, Isabel

    AtZDP, a Plant 3' DNA Phosphatase, Involved in DNA Repair

    Open access
  • Jastrebova, Nadja

    Role of Heparan Sulfate Structure in FGF-Receptor Interactions and Signaling

    Open access
  • Martin, Nathalie

    Studies on the regulation of the Napin napA promoter by ABI3, bZIP and bHLH transcription factors

    Open access
  • Stefansson, Anne

    Mechanisms of Integrin Signal Transduction

    Open access
  • Marknell DeWitt, Åsa

    Use of Recombinant Allergens for Component-Resolved Diagnostics (CRD) in IgE-Mediated Allergy

    Open access
  • Lövkvist, Lena

    Receptor Interactions Between Pathogenic Bacteria and Host Cells

    Open access
  • Johansson, Carolina

    Mechanisms and DNA Specificity in Site-specific Recombination of Integron Cassettes

    Open access
  • Do, Anh-Tri

    Regulation of Heparan Sulfate 6-O-Sulfation Patterns

    Open access
  • Aguda, Adeleke H.

    Structural Study of the WH2 Family and Filamin: Implications for Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation

    Open access
  • Presto, Jenny

    N-Sulfation and Polymerization in Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis

    Open access
  • Berg, Frida

    Genetic Analysis of Fat Metabolism in Domestic Pigs and their Wild Ancestor

    Open access
  • Kurup, Sindhulakshmi

    Design of Oligosaccharide Libraries to Characterize Heparan Sulfate – Protein Interactions

    Open access
  • Öhrmalm, Christina

    Functional Characterization of the Cellular Protein p32: A Protein Regulating Adenovirus Transcription and Splicing Through Targeting of Phosphorylation

    Open access
  • Nilsson, Stina

    Structural and Functional Aspects of β1 Integrin Signalling

    Open access
  • Holmborn, Katarina

    Heparan Sulfate and Development: A Study of NDST Deficient Mice and Embryonic Stem Cells

    Open access
  • Vanwildemeersch, Maarten

    Interaction of Heparan Sulfate with Pro- and Anti-Angiogenic Proteins

    Open access
  • Lidén, Åsa

    Integrin αVβ3-Directed Contraction by Connective Tissue Cells: Role in Control of Interstitial Fluid Pressure and Modulation by Bacterial Proteins

    Open access
  • Larsson, Mårten

    Megalin, an Endocytotic Receptor with Signalling Potential

    Open access
  • Johansson, Cecilia

    Modulation of Adenovirus E1A Activities by the Cellular Corepressor CtBP

    Open access
  • Wicher, Krzysztof B.

    Haptoglobin: Biosynthesis and Evolution

    Open access
  • Berenjian, Saideh

    Construction of Adenovirus Vectors for Studies of Protein Function and RNA Interference

    Open access
  • Busse, Marta

    EXT Proteins in Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis

    Open access
  • Fitzsimmons, Carolyn

    Exploring the Realm of Gene Expression Differences Between White Leghorn and Red Junglefowl Chickens

    Open access
  • Hultgård Ekwall, Anna-Karin

    Fibroblast Contractility in vivo and in vitro: Effects of Prostaglandins and Potential Role for Inner Ear Fluid Homeostasis

    Open access
  • Rush, Margaret

    Regulation of RNA Processing in Human Papillomavirus Type 16

    Open access
  • Zhao, Xiaomin

    Regulation of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 mRNA Splicing and Polyadenylation

    Open access
  • Jönsson, Maria

    Microbial Responses to Antibiotics – Stability of Resistance and Extended Potential of Targeting the Folate Synthesis

    Open access
  • Öberg, Daniel

    The Role of Polyadenylation in Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Late Gene Expression

    Open access
  • Smeds, Emanuel

    In Vitro Studies of the Substrate Specificities of Heparan Sulfate 2-O- and 6-O-sulfotransferases

    Open access
  • Roman, Elisabet

    Studies on the Role of UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase in Polysaccharide Biosynthesis

    Open access
  • Sakwe, Amos M.

    The Role of Protein Kinase C in the Extracellular Ca2+-regulated Secretion of Parathyroid Hormone

    Open access
  • Park, Hee-Bok

    Genetic Analysis of Quantitative Traits Using Domestic Animals: A Candidate Gene and Genome Scanning Approach

    Open access
  • Enarsson, Mia

    Roles of PDGF for Neural Stem Cells

    Open access
  • Ringvall, Maria

    Functions of Heparan Sulfate During Mouse Development: Studies of Mice with Genetically Altered Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis

    Open access
  • Ledin, Johan

    Heparan Sulfate Biosynthesis – Clues from Knockout Mice

    Open access
  • Westling, Camilla

    N-Unsubstituted Glucosamine Residues in Heparan Sulfate and Their Potential Relation to Alzheimer's Disease

    Open access
  • Punga, Tanel

    The Interaction of the Adenovirus E1B-55K Protein with a Histone Deacetylase Complex: Its Importance in Regulation of P53 Protein Functions

    Open access
  • Kerje, Susanne

    Mapping Genes Affecting Phenotypic Traits in Chicken

    Open access
  • Qvarnström, Yvonne

    Sulphonamide Resistance in Neisseria meningitidis and Commensal Neisseria Species

    Open access
  • Lindberg, Anette

    Viruses as a Model System for Studies of Eukaryotic mRNA Processing

    Open access
  • Grundström, Gunilla

    Functional Studies of Collagen-Binding Integrins α2β1 and α11β1: Interplay between Integrins and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor Receptors

    Open access
  • Dauksaite, Vita

    The Modular Domain Structure of ASF/SF2: Significance for its Function as a Regulator of RNA Splicing

    Open access
  • Erlandsson, Anna

    Neural Stem Cell Differentiation and Migration

    Open access
  • Kaczmarczyk, Aneta

    Proteins of the Inter-α-inhibitor Family: Biosynthesis, Plasma Clearance and Interaction with Extracellular Matrix Components

    Open access
  • Zhang, Shouting

    Studies on the Molecular Biology of the Mouse Pneumotropic Polyomavirus

    Open access
  • Wiklund, Lisa

    Role of the 3'UTR in translation and stability of HCV and HPV mRNAs

    Open access
  • Spångberg, Karin

    Cellular proteins binding to the HCV 5' and 3' UTRs

  • Jacobson, Annica

    Regulation of hyaluronan biosynthesis: Expression in vitro and importance for tumor progression

    Open access
  • Ekholm Pettersson, Frida

    T-cell Differentiation and Immunological Homeostasis in Lymphopenic and Kappa Light Chain Deficient Mice

    Open access
  • Collier, Brian

    Posttranscriptional Regulation of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Late mRNAs

  • Lammerts, Ellen

    Tumor Stroma in Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma: Interstitial Collagen and Tumor Interstitial Fluid Pressure

    Open access
  • Kreuger, Johan

    Decoding Heparan Sulfate

    Open access
  • Sundqvist, Anders

    Characterisation of CtBP: A Co-Repressor of Transcription that Interacts with the Adenovirus E1A Protein

    Open access
  • Estmer Nilsson, Camilla

    Viral Control of SR Protein Activity

    Open access
  • Loog, Mart

    Studies on the Differential Specificity of Protein Kinases and Its Applications

    Open access
  • Rahmanian, Mehdi

    Extracellular matrix as a regulator of cell behavior: Biological effects of hyaluronan biosynthesis and catabolism

  • Fan, Shaoan

    Viral Strategies to Regulate Transcription and Pre-mRNA Splicing

  • Molin, Magnus

    Adenovirus vector systems permitting regulated protein expression and their use for in vivo splicing studies

    Open access
  • Houshmand, Hamid

    Protein interactions involved in viral replication characterized by T7 phage display

  • Li, Hongyun

    Activity of tumor-antigens in polyomavirus replication

  • Armulik, Annika

    Studies on the transmembrane signaling of β1 integrins

    Open access
  • Brinck, Jonas

    The expression and regulation of hyaluronan synthases and their role in glycosaminoglycan synthesis

    Open access
  • Yue, Bai-Gong

    Regulation of adenovirus alternative pre-mRNA splicing: Functional characterization of exonic and intronic splicing enhancer elements

    Open access
  • Lohikangas, Lars

    The role of 1-intergrins in skeletal muscle differentiation and extracellular matrix assembly

  • Poorafshar, Maryam

    Chymotrypsin/trypsin-related serine proteases: A structural, functional and evolutionary analysis

  • Fuentes, Alexis

    Studies on rotavirus replication

  • Rong, Jianhui

    Novel chemical and enzymatic routes to the generation of heparin- related polysaccarides

  • Svineng, Gunbjørg

    Characterisation of integrin splice variants and the interaction between integrins and the urokinase receptor

  • Thuveson, Maria

    Intracellular processing of pre-a-inhibitor

  • Balciunas, Darius

    Functional studies in yeast of cyclin C and the RNA polymerase II Mediator complex

  • Safaiyan, Fariba

    Cellular regulation of heparan sulfate structure and function

  • Sokolowski, Marcus

    Control of human papillomavirus type 1 late mRNA stability and translation by an AU-rich RNA element

  • Hagner McWhirter, Åsa

    Glucuronyl C5-epimerases in the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans

  • Onyango, Isaac G.

    Intracellular components involved in parathyroid sensing of extracellular calcium

  • Sandbäck Pikas, Dagmar

    Enzymes involved in biosynthesis and degradation of heparin-related polysaccharides

  • Wennerberg, Krister

    Functional studies of integrin subunit 1 and its cytoplasmic domain

  • Lind, Thomas

    Enzymes involved in heparan sulfate chain elongation: Function of a novel family of tumor suppressors?

  • Klint, Peter

    Fibroblast growth factor-induced signal transduction

  • McCourt, Peter A. G.

    Hyaluronan receptors of liver endothelial cells, their purification and characterisation

  • Janson, Inger

    Studies of calcium binding proteins 1 and 2 and protein kinase CK2

  • Hjälm, Göran

    The megalin receptor

  • Rönn, Ola

    DNA and protein interactions of mouse polyomavirus large T antigen

  • Feyzi Talarposhti, Emadoldin

    Protein recognition domains in heparan sulfate

  • Söderbärg, Karin

    Effects of polyomavirus T antigens on cellular signal transduction pathways

  • Åhlén, Karina

    Collagen-binding integrin α2β1 activity in vivo and in vitro: Effects of platelet-derived growth factor-BB

  • Ström, Anne-Christine

    Transcriptional activation by Sp1 and the adenovirus E1A transactivator protein

  • Östling, Jonas

    Function and regulation of the Yeast Mig1 repressor

  • Studies of Intracellular Transport and Anticancer Drug Action by Functional Genomics in Yeast

    Gustavsson, Marie

    Open access