IMBIM PhD student association

What is the IMBIM PhD Student Association (IPhA)?

IPhA is a non-profit informal association of IMBIM PhD students. The main purpose of IPhA is to look after student-related issues and to support its members in questions concerning our working environment, education and teaching. IPhA also works for increased social interactions between both students and employees at IMBIM.

IMBIM is a large department with many different research groups located in several corridors within BMC. Therefore, IPhA believes that getting to know PhD students within the department is essential, whether it is for increased scientific collaboration, improved teaching, or simply to grow your network and support each other throughout our scientific careers.

After works, pub quizzes, game nights, BBQs, and the popular cheese and wine gasque; we arrange many different types of events where PhD students as well as other employees are welcome! These events are a great opportunity to meet other IMBIMers and thanks to IMBIM funding they are very affordable. Join the next one to see what we are all about!

Why are we here?

We are continuously working on:

  • Improving the employment conditions for PhD students.
  • Improving the available PhD courses and extend the courses offered. Creating seminar series directed toward PhD studies, such as the Career path seminar series arranged in 2018-2019 also fall under this topic.
  • Questions regarding teaching at the Department. Balancing the teaching load on the PhD students, and making sure that they are properly compensated.
  • Making the PhD studies a fun time!


  • We are making sure that every project student gets proper compensation and will be employed as PhD students if appropriate.
  • We created a PhD handbook complementary to IMBIM handbook, read it here        
  • We supply a separate office for writing half time reports and theses.
  • We rent out doctoral hats for the conferment ceremony, as they are very costly to buy and might dissuade student to attend the ceremony.

If you wish to know more about our activities you can find our monthly meeting minutes here. These are also distributed by email to all PhD students after each meeting. For a summary of our achievements last year, read our latest annual report .

Who is IPhA?

Every PhD student at the department is a member of IPhA, with the option to withdraw their membership if desired. We have a meeting once a month, wherein each corridor is represented and every PhD student is welcome to attend to voice their opinion.

If you want to get involved, come to a meeting or email, and join the team!

Board 2022-2023:
Chair: Tifaine Héchard
Vice-chair: Janina Krambrich
Treasurer: Philip Karlsson
Secretary: Petra Geiser
Head of communications: Xinran Zhao
Head of Educations: Christopher von Beek

IMBIM board representatives: Janina Krambrich, Christopher von Beek
Vice-treasurer: Raphaela Pensch
Vice-secretary: Anna van der Heiden
Corridor representatives:  Alexandra Florbrant, Anaísa Moreno, Axel Cederholm, Jonathan Elton. 

If you have any questions regarding the IPhA activities or any other student-related issue do not hesitate to contact us at:  or talk to your corridor’s IPhA representative.

Last modified: 2023-07-07