Postgraduate education


You will find all necessary information about your PhD studies at IMBIM here

During 2023 IMBIM had 49 students registered for postgraduate (PhD) studies. Twelwe students defended their PhD theses and ten new PhD students were registered.

New PhD students are required to take a short introductory course in safety and general practice in the laboratory. The IMBIM’ s PhD students are actively involved in teaching duties at various undergraduate courses. The PhD students at IMBIM have formed an organization, the IMBIM PhD association board (IPhA). The IPhA helps new PhD students with various matters. For example, how to find lodging, what are the responsibilities of a PhD student, etc. IPhA also organizes several social events during the academic year to increase the interaction between PhD students and other IMBIM employees.

Once per year, the department arranges so-called "IMBIM days". The IMBIM Day programme covers several seminars and varies from year to year. Frequently, researchers, especially the IMBIM newcomers present their research at these seminars. Further, broader topics such as fraud in science, equality issues, career development, or pedagogical development are often discussed during the IMBIM Day. To keep the scientific discussion alive, different IMBIM research constellations arrange popular seminar series, specific for their respective scientific interests. During 2023, seminars in Bacteriology, Genomics, Immunology, Tumor Biology, Zoonosis and Virology have been arranged. These seminars, as well as active participation during the "IMBIM days" will give credit points to the PhD students.

Director of third cycle studies:
Tanel Punga

Veronica Hammar

Last modified: 2023-12-20