Education at IMBIM

IMBIM participates in four different undergraduate programs: medicine, pharmacy, dispensing pharmacy, biomedicine and biomedical laboratory science. 

Looking for a project work at IMBIM?

Contact our supervisors to make your exam work at IMBIM or Database of Independent Projects.

IMBIM Internships 
Interested individuals may apply for non-degree training (internships) at IMBIM to develop competences and increase qualifications, i.e. to learn novel methods and attain practical experience of academic research. To enquire about possibilities, please contact the specific PI’s. The internship may have duration of up to six months.

Important note: this internship is not a credit-awarding course, nor is it part of the PhD study program at IMBIM. Candidates performing an internship at IMBIM are not guaranteed admission to PhD studies at IMBIM or any other department.