PhD-student Anna Knöppel was awarded the Hwasser price for the best PhD thesis of the year 2017


Each year Upsala Doctor’s association (Upsala Läkareförening) awards one or two persons the Hwasser price for best thesis at the Medical Faculty. The price for 2016 – 2017 was awarded to Anna Knöppel, IMBIM, for the thesis ”Experimental Evolution and Fitness Effects of Mutations”.

In the thesis, Anna Knöppel describes how she used experimental evolution to study the effects of different types of mutations, and how populations evolve to adapt to new environments or to compensate for “costly” mutations. Anna is now working at the department of Cell- and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, where she studies initiation of DNA replication in the bacterial cell cycle.

The recipients of the price were nominated by a committee of four persons, who judged all PhD theses that were published at the Medical Faculty during the autumn semester 2016 and the spring semester 2017 with regards to scientific quality and general interest. This year’s price was shared between Anna Knöppel and Gry Hulsart Billström, Department of Surgical Sciences, who got the price for her thesis ”Bone Regeneration with Cell-free Injectable Scaffolds”.