Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology

How to register a PhD student at IMBIM

Alexis Fuentes: Responsible administrator of postgraduate education.

Tanel Punga: The chairman of the PhD Committee at IMBIM

Initial steps to register a PhD student at IMBIM

This process is rather complicated and encompasses two steps:

Step 1 = informal OK at the IMBIM level, advertising and selection of the best suited applicant.

Step 2 = filling out of the web form about formal registration at the Medical Faculty.

1. The supervisor fills out this form and submits it to Tanel Punga. Requested information is the name of principal supervisor, co-supervisor, grants to the principal supervisor, plan for financing the new PhD student, which other PhD students are supervised by the principal supervisor and the expected dates of their PhD defense(s). In addition, you should submit a suggestion for an advertisement text for recruiting the new PhD student (Rehné Åkerblom has examples).

2. This form and the suggestion for advertisement proposal should be sent to Tanel Punga. He will discuss it with the PhD Committee at IMBIM and sometimes with the IMBIM Chairman.

3. When the proposal has been approved by the PhD Committee at IMBIM, the supervisor will be notified and should contact Rehne Åkerblom. She will register and arrange the advertising on UU's web site.

4. All applications are submitted digitally to the Registrator at the University. The supervisor receives a permission to read the applications online.

5. The supervisor should then select one of the applicants and notify the selected student only. The other candidates will be informed by Rehné Åkerblom after the formal decision by the Faculty.

Application to the Faculty for registration at the PhD programme

When the supervisor has selected one of the applicants to the advertised position, this web form should be filled out.

NOTE: The web forms shall NOT be submitted electronically until the IMBIM board has approved the application. Changes required cannot be added after the form has been submitted to the Faculty.

1. Supervisors and applicants  complete the 'Application for admission to postgraduate studies'. Our subject is Medical Science.

At Funding you normally (i e when the PhD student will be financed via IMBIM/grants to the supervisor) write/choose the following:

Year 1:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)
Year 2:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)
Year 3:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)
Year 4:   Doctoral fellow 100% (including duties as assistant up to 20%)
Year 5:   Doctoral fellow 100% (up to 10 months)

2. Specify the financing, who will be the supervisor, co-supervisor, examiner, mandatory courses, other courses, literature studies, etc.

3. Sign the forms "Commitments of the Graduate Student at IMBIM" and "Commitments of the Medical Faculty". The supervisor's letter explaining the grounds of election of the student in question should be attached (can be kept very short and informal).

5. Supervisors with temporary employments are recommended to send a CV specifying positions, publications, and grants.

6. Save the web form in pdf format (do not submit it electronically at this point!). Mail the pdf form to Tanel Punga.

7. Tanel Punga will present the proposal at the Professor Council at IMBIM (prefektrådet) and subsequently at the IMBIM board meeting.

8. When the application has been approved by the IMBIM board, the student and the supervisor will be informed by Tanel Punga. THEN the student should submit the application electronically. It will first reach the supervisor who approves it and sends it to the IMBIM Chairman who approves it and sends it to the Postgraduate Committee at the Medical Faculty (KUF).

Following the decision of the Postgraduate Committee at the Medical Faculty, Rehné Åkerblom will arrange for the employment.

The dead-lines for the various steps in this process can be obtained from Alexis Fuentes.